13 junio, 2013

Ethics and Social Media

The technological advancements that we live with today have brought us the wonderful opportunity to publish or share all kinds of information, from tools, links, videos, photos, music and more, to our own experiences, emotions, feelings, etc.
However, in this open and almost limitless possibility of publication, it would be good to ask ourselves what to publish/share and what for.
For a better use of social media, I follow these three rules:
1. Quality of what is published or shared, meaning that what we share is really worth sharing. Just as it is not convenient to enunciate everything that goes through our head, it is not convenient to post/share everything that happens to us in life, either.
2. Non-maleficence, that is, that what is published or shared does not harm anyone at all, or, in other words, what does not hurt, humiliate, attack, defame, belittle or make somebody feel bad -not even a little-, not even a single person.
3. Beneficence, this is my golden rule: that is, what is published or shared not only doesn't harm, but, also, does good. Such publication must have, at least, one of the following characteristics: inspires, motivates, advises, makes us think/reflect, encourages positive changes, makes us laugh, is aesthetic, useful, in short, a publication that contributes to the building of a better world.

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