14 mayo, 2013

Fighting to learn

The middle school of my youngest son opens in the evenings to adults, that is, in the mornings it serves a population ranging between 12 and 15 years old, and in the afternoons, it serves people over that age.
At a recent parents meeting, the principal invited everyone to continue, finish, or begin their studies if, for some reason, they had not completed their education, that is, he let us know that the adult middle school has students from 15 to 65 years old, 65 years!, I was amazed, but, above all, moved, as a person who goes to school at 65 moves me to tears.
And maybe it moves me so much because it reminds me of one of my dearest teachers who influenced me with her example of life which I share here:
Azucena, my teacher, was one of those women whose father didn´t allow her to study. She finished only primary school.
She got married, as expected, and had two daughters. When her children grew up, she studied at an adult middle school and obtained her certificate.
She loved learning and continued studying. She finished high school. She entered into the University. She graduated. She continued with a masters. And finally earned a doctorate.
When I met her, at UNAM, she already was a PhD, but not just any PhD. She was different -very different. She was a happy person, satisfied, with an overflowing passion for life; she was a warrior who captivated me with her words and taught me with her actions and example something very rare these days: to fight, to always fight.

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